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May 2, 2016

Pierce the Veil - "Circles" Single Review

There are only 10 days until Pierce the Veil's new album! The band dropped new single, "Circles" last week, and we've been hooked since then. Excited yet? To read reviews of previous singles, "The Divine Zero" and "Texas Is Forever" click the respective links. 

To preorder the album, click the following (link). And make sure to catch them on tour this June, where they'll be performing "Misadventures" in its entirety, with I the Mighty and Movements

Written about the Paris bombings this past November, the song tells the story of two lovers who have been separated and are trying to find their way back to each other.  "Circles" showcases a side of Pierce the Veil we rarely get to see. One that takes a break from their energetic post-hardcore. But don't let that turn you off. Because this track is every bit a PTV song as "King for a Day" or "Caraphernalia". 

The song is almost a sequel to "Bulletproof Love". Another endearing love song that leans closer to the mainstream end of the spectrum than other songs. The song dances on the line alternative rock, pop rock, and emo. There are no unclean vocals, no breakdowns, no chugs, no nothing from hardcore music. 

That might turn off some listeners. But for those who enjoy PTV's catchy, up beat choruses you'll love this song. Because the entire track is like one big chorus in that sense. Melodic verses similar to those on tracks like "Hold on Till May" or the aforementioned "Bulletproof Love" transition flawlessly into poppy chorus. Sure the song isn't going to be for fans of PTV's heavier music, but it's nice to see the band trying something new. 

Just another reason to get their new album next week. While the song isn't ground breaking, or anything new from the band, it's definitely catchy and fun. A summer track for sure, we'll be putting this on loop for weeks to come. 

Rating - 8/10