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May 7, 2016

Beartooth - "Always Dead" Single Review

Beartooth gave us a double whammy releasing two new songs within three days of each other. We've already reviewed "Aggressive", so now it's time for single #2, "Always Dead". And get ready for our review of single #3, "Loser". 

To preorder the album, "Aggressive" and instantly get the first two singles via iTunes, please click the following (link). 

Caleb Shomo has stated the song is a sequel to "Dead" off the band's debut album. And it is in every sense. Listening to one song after the other, you wouldn't think they are two different songs. The persistent drum in the verse, and the deep bass have become hallmarks of a Beartooth track. 

Both songs are a little over 2 minutes long, feature strong bass lines and fast drums, and are pure hardcore punk through and through. For anyone looking for that one really track, this would be it. "Always Dead" doesn't give listeners a chance to relax. From the opening chord to the end, it's an onslaught of "aggression". 

Again, the only negative thing to say is that the track is almost like a carbon copy of "Dead". From the structure, which is verse to verse and then outro, to the guitar riffs. But that's the nature of music, and the nature of punk. Lots of fast power chords, and guitar riffs that have been around since the 70s or 80s. 

It's loud, it's intense, it's everything you expect a song from Beartooth to be. Hardcore at its finest. This is why you shouldn't go to their concerts with the expectation you'll be returning home scot-free. Wild and crazy doesn't even begin to describe their shows. And this song is sure to get your blood pumping. We only dock points for lack of creativity. This is a "safe" song for the band, who are held to a bit of a higher standard given that frontman Caleb Shomo has proven he's capable of writing more interesting songs (he co-wrote 3 songs on Hands Like Houses' new album, "Dissonants"). 

Rating - 8/10