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May 20, 2016

letlive. - "Reluctantly Dead" Single Review

The second single off letlive's upcoming 4th album, "If I'm the Devil...". The band slows things down a bit in terms of sound, but their lyrics say otherwise. You'll be pumping your fists in the air in no time. This is the most anthemic letlive. song yet, and we're loving every second of "Reluctantly Dead". 

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So you're a first time listener, and want to know what you're in for listening to letlive. Well think Enter Shikari, but with a lot more funk. In this particular track, Jason Butler has done away with his frantic screams, making for a much more accessible and more directional. You'd have to be an idiot to not understand the meaning of this track. 

"Reluctantly Dead" is first and foremost a protest song. The verses are rhythmic, and almost beg to be marched to. Jason Butler's vocals are smooth and clean. Overall, longtime fans might not be 100% satisfied as this song could easily crossover into mainstream radio. In an effort for be more anthemic, letlive. seems to have left out their usual erratic guitars and drums. The deep bass line keeps the song grounded, and methodic. 

The track takes its time easing the listener into the chorus. Which is another negative for fans of letlive's hardcore side. The song's slow pace. 4 minutes isn't that long. It's just that getting to the good stuff takes "forever". But that's a minor blip. Because the intricate poem that Jason Butler's crafted makes up for the slow start. 

"You believe that they came here to protect you. But see I would rather run. Cause now the law results in death. You believe that the came here to protect you. But see I am not the one. Cause I will be reluctantly dead.

letlive. aren't holding anything back. The lyrics are the highlight of this song. Heart pumping, and empowering, if you've been waiting for that "We want revolution!" song, here it is. An anthem to be played at rallies. Not the most energetic letlive. song, but it does the trick. 

Rating - 8/10