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November 11, 2015

SECRETS - "Rise Up" Single Review

The next single from SECRETS 3rd album is here! "Rise Up" follows "Left Behind", which was released about a month ago. The lead single reintroduced the band a second time to fans, having switched unclean vocalists during the recording process. The song featured a more mature, abet a Tyler Carter-esc clean vocal performance from Richard Rogers, and a powerful debut from new unclean vocalist Wade Walters, who is featured on bass for the "Rise Up" music video. To preorder the album on iTunes click this (link), and to read our review of the album's lead single click this (link). 

This new song follows in a similar fashion, but the two songs couldn't be more different. "Left Behind" is much heavier, thought compared to previous SECRETS' songs it's not that heavy. But "Rise Up" features a very poppy chorus, and lots of melodic moments. The airy feel during the bridge echoes something from Hands Like HousesToo Close to Touch, even newer Bring Me The Horizon. It's something unexpected, and while some fans probably won't like the lighter feels, we must commend the band for trying something. Thankfully, it works on more levels than it fails (did that make sense?). 

Rogers' vocal talents were put on display in their acoustic EP, and now are given another chance to shine in "Rise Up". The soft, emotive delivery during the first verse slowly melts into Walter's unclean vocals. Then the chorus pumps life into this alt. rock song. The chorus is a very pop chorus, again something newer to the band. With Andrew Wade and Tom Denney tag teaming the album's production, you know that the editing and mastering is going to be spot on. Which it is. The bridge of the song is a definite highlight. There's this weightless feeling that wasn't expected, but loved. It adds a little something extra to the song.

The major downsides to the song are in the writing and recording. The lyrics are a bit cheesy, and Rogers' delivery doesn't help since he's still sort of doing a loose Tyler Carter impersonation. Walter's unclean vocals are given a backseat to Rogers' clean. And we wish they band had released a song that displayed more of what Walter's can do. Fans are already familiar with Rogers' singing abilities. But Walters' is still relatively unknown, though he does have a few videos on his YouTube channel that show he's more than capable of filling Aaron Melzer's shoes. 

Heavy hitting, and full of great sing along moments, this single meets the high standard the band's reputation has set. Unlike "Left Behind" this is more along the lines of past releases. Less production on Roger's vocals, and more focus on the band's dynamics. SECRETS' new album is sure to be a show stopper. For fans of We Came as Romans, The Color Morale, and Pierce the Veil. The biggest victory for the band is that this song proves the band aren't giving in to Risecore, like many of their label mates have. So here's a round of applause from us to SECRETS. Thanks for not submitting to auto tune, cliche breakdowns, and electronics. 

Rating - 8/10