Best of 2016 Playlist

November 21, 2015

Best of the Artist - Paramore

With infectious hooks, funky bass lines, and a front-woman with as much attitude and talent as vocalists twice her age and height, did you expect anything other than success for Paramore? Remember their humble beginnings on Warped Tour, and their rise to mainstream music stars? Paramore have been through a lot in the past ten years. And after a lot of rewrites, we've finally finished our "Top 10 Paramore Songs". It wasn't easy, but we did it. 

To see our honorable mentions please go to our Best of the Artist series page. And for those of you who don't see your favorite song on this list, or feel we should have given something a higher place, we're sorry. Leave a comment and let us know if we screwed up. And for those butthurt people, we recommend you get some ice and a comfortable pillow to sit on.

10. Emergency 
The highlight from the band's debut album "All We Know is Falling". An alt. rock, pop punk track that has become a setlist staple ever since the band's beginnings. Unlike "Pressure", which is featured on our "honorable mentions" list, this track hits all the right notes. It is one of the building blocks for the band's career, and is echoed in tracks like "Anklebiters" and "Playing God". We're happy to say we're very much still into "Emergency". See what we did there? Still into, get it? No? Then you're not a Paramore fan.

9. Anklebiters / Escape Route
Both are short, spunky pop punk tracks that recall a teenage Paramore, both deserve a spot on this list. We compromised and gave them #9. While most of the band's recent work leans toward new wave, alt. rock, these songs bring us back to Paramore's emo, pop punk roots. In the 2 minutes, "Anklebiters" will have you belting out, "Why you wanna please the world and leave yourself to drop dead? Because someday you're gonna be the only one you've got". It follows "Still into You", and acts as the more punk of the two pop punk tracks. The simple guitar riff and quick drum beat make this a must have for fans of "Miracle", "That's What You Get" and the aforementioned "Emergency". "Escape Route" is a bonus track from the re-release of their self titled album. Like "Anklebiters", it has an addictive guitar riff, and fast pace that make it irresistible. 

8. Ain't It Fun
This song was twice as good before the radio killed it. Gospel inspired, and full of attitude, it's not what we expected to hear from Paramore, but we're glad they included it on their 2013 album. We know most of you are probably sick of hearing about how great it is, so we'll stop while we're ahead. 

7. Decode
The only good thing about the Twilight saga is this song. While the movie it was written for is nothing but complete mind numbing garbage, "Decode" was one of two songs the band recorded for the film's soundtrack. And it showed a new side to the band. Their usual pop punk was traded for something more melodic, and would give way for songs like "All I Wanted" and "Monster". The atmosphere created is not unlike that which bands like Evanescence give off. There's this romantic, at times gothic, feel to the song. And that makes it all the more appropriate for a "vampire" flick. 

6. Monster 
The band's second song that was originally written for the big screen, "Monster" was the band's first song without the Farro brothers. It showcased a heavier side of the band, with grunge-esc production and a captivating vocal performance from Hayley Williams. But most importantly, this song proved the band weren't going anywhere despite the rocky split. 

5.  That's What You Get
It's the fun, upbeat song every album needs. It's got a similar bounce to "Ain't It Fun", bass and drums really given the spotlight during the verses. The performance Zac Farro gives here is the best from the album. It's the rhythmic bounce of the chorus that really makes this song great. Everything about this song screams sing-along. 

4. The Only Exception
The feels you get from this song right? It's a slower acoustic song that gave Paramore their first real mainstream hit. The lyrics are as straightforward as they come, but it's Hayley William's vocals that make this song. An emotional delivery makes you feel things you never knew you could feel. The performance on this song is only matched by the one William's gave for the "Hate to See Your Heart Break" remix with Joy Williams (no relation to Hayley). 

3. Misery Business
Paramore's breakthrough single from their sophomore album "Riot!". You can't be a P-more fan and not know the lyrics to this song. It's a heavier, edgier song that pulls from pop punk, alt. rock, emo, and even a little post hardcore at times. The lyrics are about someone taking advantage of a relationship. And everyone can relate to that. The quick verses, backed with a memorable guitar and bass riff combo, are energetic, but not too crazy. Any faster, we don't think we would be able to keep up. 

2. Ignorance 
The lead single from the band's 3rd album, "Ignorance" is often forgotten amidst the other hits, "Brick by Boring Brick" and "The Only Exception". It's one of Paramore's heavier songs with a solid guitar riff, and upbeat tempo. The attention grabbing chorus which opens with William's powerhouse vocals screaming, "Well you treat me just like another stranger, " is stronger than most from similar bands. The palm muted intro and verse creates a rhythmic song that transforms into a melodic chorus. The lead guitar matches William's vocals in strength and style, soaring above at times. 

1. Brick by Boring Brick
"Go get your shovel, and we'll dig a deep hole. To bury the castle, bury the castle." Doesn't get much better than that does it? The band's second single from "Brand New Eyes", it's the best of both worlds with this track. You get Paramore's trademark alt. rock, and the pop influences they would play up in their next album. It's also one of the more radio friendly songs, with so many sing-along moments. The outro of the song just begs to be sung along to. So go grab a friend, and we'll sing this song at the top of our lungs with you!