Best of 2016 Playlist

October 21, 2016

Featured Band - Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch are rising higher and higher with every passing second. Their debut album seemed to be their peak, but it was just the beginning. We're pleased to feature them as our "Band of the Month". You can be sure to expect to see them featured in the near future, as no amount of words can do them justice.
Click this link to read our review of the band's latest album, "Haven't Been Myself". 

This is the kind of band whose debut far outshines half the music on the market today. Too Close To Touch have a steady following that grows everyday. We dare you to listen to this band and not find something to like. Whether it be the music, the lyrics, or the band itself, TCTT are definitely a band to watch. 

Their debut single, "The Deep End" wowed listeners, and set the stage for their self titled debut EP. Less than six months later, the band dropped their debut album, "Nerve Endings", which improved upon the band's debut. Atmospheric post hardcore was elevated to a new level, and TCTT set the bar high for their fellows. Not many bands can release a debut with high quality production and superior writing skills. 

Though the band have been playing music since 2008, and then came together in 2012, they didn't officially form the band we know today until 2013. They flew under the radar until signing to Epitaph Records in 2014 for their debut EP. Epitaph had been, at the time, the only major label of the alt. music scene without an act to compete with the likes of Hands Like Houses or Dance Gavin Dance (heavy weights in the "alt-core scene". Signing Too Close To Touch was the right move for all.

Music stems from emotion and purpose. You won't find filler tracks, every track of every release has at least one or two verses gushing with emotions. That is Keaton Pierce's strength. His ability to convey raw emotion and power with his lyrics and vocals. Like Trenton Woodley, using unclean vocals as a climax for lyrics as opposed to just using them to give the music an extra edge. 

The two collaborations the band have done are solid, one standing out more so than the other. "Hell to Pay" was a sneak peek at "Haven't Been Myself", though no one knew that at the time. It's melodic, anthemic, and features guest vocals from Telle Smith of The Word Alive. The song has since become a fan favorite, and a staple at live shows. The ebb and flow of the song is only surpassed by the chemistry between Smith and Pierce. Smith provides harsher growls and uncleans, while Pierce lets his voice shine. 

On future records, it would be interesting to see if the band could dial back on Pierce's voice, just a little. We got previews of some of the slick guitar lines guitarist Mason Marble and Thomas Kidd can provide. Solos are always ear pleasers. All the band's songs are undercut with electronics, and weightless piano melodies. Again, taking obvious cues from Hands Like Houses and even The 1975 (when it comes to the electronics), Too Close To Touch give us a medley of musical genres that creates their unique sound. 

We really can't say enough about this band, or the amazing work they've done these past 3 or so years. Support the band and buy their latest album, "Haven't Been Myself" because it's worth the $10 and then some. A warning, have tissues ready when you listen to "Eiley". You will tear up. And if by some miracle you don't, we can't help you. 

This band comes highly recommended for fans of Dance Gavin Dance, Hands Like Houses, I the Mighty and newer Bring Me The Horizon. 

Recommended tracks (as if we can be that decisive): "The Deep End", "The Air in Me", "Hell to Pay", "Restless", "Sympathy", "Crooked Smile", "What I Wished I Could Forget", "Miss Your Face", and the crown jewel "Eiley".