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July 22, 2016

Too Close To Touch - "What I Wish I Could Forget" Single Review

Currently taking the U.S by storm on Warped Tour, Too Close To Touch announced their sophomore album, "Haven't Been Myself" this past Monday. Along with it they debuted the music video for the record's lead single, "What I Wish I Could Forget".

To preorder the album on iTunes click the following (link), and be sure to catch the band on Warped Tour this summer!

The band continue on their their blend of alt. rock, exp. rock, indie, and post hardcore. The combination isn't anything new, bands such as Hands Like Houses, I the Mighty and Emarosa have been doing it for quite some time now. But TCTT have made "ambient-core" their own.

The song's intro is standard for the band. A soft opening with frontman Keaton Pierce's vocals backed by a synthetic drum. The effects are also signature TCTT. They bare a striking resemblance to effects found on recent albums from Architects and Bring Me The Horizon. Two bands on the other end of the musical spectrum (maybe not so much BMTH). Which is why we've dubbed this "ambient-core, because of the fusion of airy, atmospheric effects with alt. rock and post hardcore stylized music.

The verse showcases the band's rhythm section, before the chorus electrifies. You'll be left with goosebumps on your arms, and chills in your spine. The energy and life the chorus exude are unparalleled. And just as quickly as it came, the band brings the song full circle back to the more muted verse. 

Pierce has taken a similar tact to unclean vocals as Trenton Woodley. Rather than smother the lyrics under production and screams, Pierce emphasizes certain lines with his use of unclean vocals. The impact is more powerful, and lasting that way.

The only thing that would have made this song all the more awesome would have been a breakdown during the bridge instead of repeating the main guitar melody. That being said, we're content with what the band did deliver. It's just that when they go heavy, the band really comes alive. Pulling from their post hardcore bag of tricks might just be the thing that propels them over the edge. 

Summary -

The song could have been taken straight off of Hands Like Houses' most recent album. That's how good it is. Too Close To Touch are destined for great things, and we are eager to hear their next single. And if this is any indication of what the full album will sound like, we'll preorder 100 copies right now. If we had the money. 

Rating - 9/10