Best of 2016 Playlist

July 8, 2016

Set It Off - "Something New" Single Review

The weird music video aside, the band have delivered another catchy track for the summer crowds. Set It Off flew under the radar for so long, but now they've broken out with their brand of theatrical pop punk/pop rock. After releasing single "Uncontainable" back in March, they've returned with second single off their upcoming 3rd album, "Upside Down". 

To preorder the band's album on iTunes, click this (link). And be sure to catch them on Warped Tour this summer. 

Imagine mixing R&B, alternative rock, My Chemical Romance, and pop into one album. In a nutshell, that's Set It Off. Who originated their music in the "orchestral pop punk" world, very much like MCR did in their early career, though they adamantly reject the label "emo". Set It Off embraced it, and built upon it. 

This summer song is a knockout for many reasons. It's catchy and fun, two must have requirements for a summer hit. Then you've got the steady and rhythmic guitar riff from Dan Clermont and Zach DeWall. Energetic drumming provided by Maxx Daniger, which keeps the song moving along at a brisk pace. One particular standout moment from this song is the bridge. It has strong reggae influences, complete with "gang clapping" and a trumpet solo from Clermont, who often doubles as the band's trumpet player (trumpest? Is that a thing?).

Most importantly, for those who have heard vocalists who pursue similar fusions of rock and R&B, forget everything you know or think you know. Because, if Cody Carson is one thing, he isn't trying to prove something. Tyler Carter and Jonny Craig both have turned listeners off by their seemingly cocky, over confident, too hard to swallow personalities. Thankfully, Carson is much more humble about his vocal talents. Like Bradley Walden of Emarosa, Carson is capable of showing why he's a great vocalist, without going over the top with the high notes. 

Summary -
This song is just begging to be played as loud as your speakers will let you. It's a great summer track, and a prime example why Set It Off are quickly becoming a big name in the "alternative music" scene. They appeal to a wide variety of listeners, and their music is just "out there" enough to stay out of mainstream radio. But we're willing to bet that in a year or two they'll be sharing the airwaves with the likes of big name music acts like 5 Seconds of Summer. Set It Off are bound for greatness. 

Rating - 8/10