Best of 2016 Playlist

February 19, 2016

Featured Band - Hands Like Houses

Hailing from Canberra, Australia's capital city, Hands Like Houses are our "Featured Band" for February. The Aussies will release their 3rd studio album next Monday, so if you haven't already pre-ordered it, and you're a fan, we suggest you go do so. "Dissonants" is set to be the band's finest release thus far, and we're all eager to hear it. 

To get "Dissonants" on iTunes, click this (link). And if you want to read reviews of the album's singles, we have provided links in the full post below. 

2015 was a busy year for Hands Like Houses. Towards the end of 2014, they released their first acoustic EP, "reimagine". Easily the best acoustic EP Rise has to offer, they then returned to the studio in April to write their 3rd album. After the band jumped back into touring, to support their upcoming album. They did Warped Tour in the summer, and then in the fall did their first headlining world tour, "Dissonants Tour". 

Later, the band cancelled some tour dates in the UK to do some additional work on their album. They finally gave a February release date, which is now only a week away. And fans are so ready to hear "Dissonants" in its entirety. After releasing the album's lead single, "I Am" last March, anticipation has been steadily building. There was some displeasure over how heavy the song was. 

The band had previously stated, quite ironically, that they would never be one of those bands who did breakdowns or screams. Yet "I Am" features both, albeit in HLH style. In summary, the song holds true to Hands Like Houses unique blend of alt. rock, prog. rock, post hardcore, and indie. But it also dives into some of the band's heavier influences. However, there are no chugs, no blast beats, the only indication it's a breakdown is its placement in the song structure, and the single note rhythm. The bridge between the verse and chorus is the finest of any post hardcore band. The methodic nature of the breakdown is what really makes it shine. 

Other singles, "New Romantics" and "Colourblind" offer new sides to the already diverse band, while still very much true HLH tracks. 

This is one band that deserves recognition and fame. They're not only great musicians, they're great people. If you've ever met them, whether at a signing, concert, or other function, then you know what they're like. Where some bands offer NC-17 content, Hands Like Houses are more PG-13. They don't even swear in their lyrics, how rare is that. 

For new listeners, we would suggest you listen to "Antarctica", "Don't Look Now, I'm Being Followed, Act Normal" "Lion Skin (feat. Tyler Carter & Jonny Craig)", "Introduced Species", "Shapeshifters", "Weight", and, of course, "I Am".