Best of 2016 Playlist

January 31, 2016

Speed Reads - Enter Shikari, Bury Tomorrow, Nothing but Thieves

First "Speed Reads" of 2016, we've got reviews of the latest music from Enter Shikari, Bury Tomorrow, and Nothing but Thieves. That's right, a U.K blowout! Everything from metal to indie, these three bands are well known and loved among their fans. And those fans are sure to enjoy these new albums (in Enter Shikari's case new single). 
Click the links provided below to purchase the respective albums/singles. To read the previous "Speed Reads" click this (link). 

**Sorry our review of "Redshift" took so long to post. We had originally written a full length review, but upon rereading it, we decided it was better to consolidate and put it here. 

Enter Shikari - "Redshift" Single Review (9/10)

Summary - letlive. meets Muse meets "The Mindsweep"

Almost exactly a year ago, Enter Shikari released their 4th album, "The Mindsweep" to rave reviews (ours among the many). Now they're back with this new single, "Redshift". And while it's a change from their most recent album, it's a very welcomed change. 
Taking a page from Muse, Angels & Airwaves, and Thirty Seconds to Mars, Enter Shikari have decided it was their turn to take a stab at space rock. It's the best of the band's punk aesthetic, but mixed with the atmospheric nature of space/prog. rock. Rou 
Reynolds once again proves he's the best at what he does with the lyrics for "Redshift". The lyrics can be interpreted in multiple way, the most prevalent being a theme of creation. Essentially the song is about the universe's origins. And not many bands can write a song like that, and not make it sound corny. So we tip our hats to Enter Shikari, the always underrated gem of St Albans. 

Bury Tomorrow - "Earthbound" Review (7.5/10)

Summary - "Not as good as Runes, but still a worthy listen" 

Like fellow metalcore heavy-weights The Word Alive, Bury Tomorrow have made the quick turn around from their previous album to new material. It's hard to follow up an album like "Runes". BT to their best to top it, and on various levels succeed. Their 4th album has almost everything you could want from a metalcore album. Soaring choruses, plenty of great breakdowns and riffs, and songs set to a blistering pace. Overall their sound seems heavier, and much more intense. Songs like "Cemetery", "Earthbound" and "301 (feat. Jamey Jasta)" aren't for the feint of heart. 
But the star of the show has got to be "Last Light". The chorus has all the hallmarks of a great arena song, but the verses lay down some of the band's best riffs and breakdowns. Sure it's not for everyone, and the latter half of the record is fairly monotonous, but that doesn't mean you can't sit back and enjoy yourself. Recommended for fans of early Of Mice and Men, Asking Alexandria, and Parkway Drive

Nothing but Thieves - "Self Titled" Review (8.5/10)

Summary - "U.K brand indie-pop that puts all competitors to shame"

Rising stars in indie and alternative rock, this is a must watch band for 2016. After a slew of mind-blowing EPs, the little U.K band that could releases a debut record that does not disappoint. It's The 1975 but without all the production and synths. Taking indie, pop, alternative rock and good ol' Brit-pop and smashing it into one great sound, Nothing but Thieves are a fresh face on the music scene. "Graveyard Whistling" was previously featured on the band's EP of the same name. It's a powerful 4 minute track that gives you a general idea what the band's sound is. Conor Mason's voice is at its strongest here, matching the soft and chilling atmosphere of the song. Lyrics, "Cause if you don't believe, it can't hurt you. And when you let it leave, it can't hurt you" suit the track's dark and angsty feel. But the album highlight comes in the form of "Trip Switch". It's very The 1975, but, again, without the excess of production. The band puts the effects on the back burner in favor of emphasis on Mason's vocals. The verses are methodic and the choruses are loud and catchy. Everything you want in a single. Other standout tracks in include "Itch", "Ban All the Music" and "If I Get High"For fans of Lower Than Atlantis, PVRIS, and aforementioned The 1975.