Best of 2016 Playlist

September 27, 2016

Featured Post - A Day to Remember

One of the pioneer's of "easycore" A Day to Remember released their 6th album, "Bad Vibrations" earlier this month. The band are in top form, and have given listeners  a strong reminder why they're a headlining act. 

Click this (link) to read our review of the band's latest album, "Bad Vibrations". To get their album on iTunes click this (link). 

Emerging in the mid 00s, A Day to Remember are a staple of modern pop punk and metalcore. The band's sound fluctuates between the two genres, sometimes combining them. Where they the first band to do the whole "easycore" mashup? Probably not, but they were one of the first groups to modernize it into what it is today. 

ADTR have been known for their mix of metal and pop punk. More recent albums have shown moves toward post hardcore and alt. rock, but they can still mosh with the best of them. Songs like "Right Back at it Again" and "All Signs Point to Lauderdale" show these Ocala born boys haven't lost their fun and, at times, carefree touch. 

See theirs is an example of how pop punk bands should change overtime. Don't try and relive their "glory" days, take what you've learned and improve upon it. ADTR haven't lost their touch, or their loyal fans. Their more muscular, harder pop punk, that drifts closer to the hard rock spectrum, is what we love. And they haven't abandoned that sound. They've improved upon it. Which is what all artists should do. Sometimes, rather than reinvent the wheel, you just improve the foundations. And as a result, no matter what year or what era, you will always find at least one track to love on every one of ADTR's album. 

Frontman Jeremy McKinnon's voice has only grown stronger with time, something that hasn't happened for many screamers. Oli Sykes is a perfect example of how one's voice can deteriorate if you don't take care of it correctly. McKinnon remains one of the strongest unclean vocalists, able to shift from deeper, guttural screams to more of a hardcore punk dry scream. Might not make sense, but trust us, McKinnon is on top of things. As for his clean vocals, those are the real highlights of the band's sound. His voice has matured along with the band's overall sound. Just listen to an early track like "The Danger in Starting a Fire" and then compare it to "Naivety". 

Recommended tracks for first time listeners include but are not limited to: "Heartless", "The Danger in Starting a Fire", "I'm Made of Wax...", "NJ Legion Iced Tea", "All Signs Point to Lauderdale", "Sometimes I'm the Hammer...", "Paranoia", and "Naivety".