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March 12, 2016

The Word Alive - "Made for This" Single Review

The 3rd single, and probably last single before the album's release, off The Word Alive's 4th studio effort. The band are really embracing the whole concept "expansive". They aren't limiting themselves based on genre, or past work. This record is sure to propel them to the top, along side bands like Bring Me the Horizon, and Enter Shikari who are also moving away from traditional hardcore. To preorder the album click this (link). 

The song is very bipolar in terms of sound, and which side of the band it leans towards. This is one track where the band stretched themselves a bit thin. Trying to satisfy fans who want more metal, but at the same time not writing another "chuggy, breakdown laden" song. 

The song kicks off with a great metal riff. And one would think that this would be the true modern metalcore track the band haven't given fans yet. But the verse brings the song into mainstream rock territory. Unexpected, but sounds great. But then the chorus gets a little more arena rock-ish. Very anthemic stuff, that doesn't gel with the metalcore verses, solo or breakdown (if you can call it that). 

It's easy to enjoy Telle Smith really showing off his singing capabilities. It's nice to be reminded he's got a great voice for both clean and unclean vocals. But at the same time, the song should have either been done entirely with unclean vocals, or entirely with clean. Splitting the song down the middle like that, maybe that's what the band were going for. But it just makes the song sound like an unfinished demo. That, and the overemphasis on Smith's vocals. 

Which seems to be a trend in Fearless Records. Producers mix the tracks so that vocalists and the electronics are put forth. And that often drowns out the rest of the band. A fatal flaw for some bands (cough Tonight Alive), whose music loses something. Hopefully TWA won't try for another crossover song, since this one doesn't really do it. 

Summary - 
The song isn't as well rounded as its predecessors, but it's still a great song. A huge step up from "REAL." Bound to divide fans on its more mainstream aspects, the song is TWA's first real radio friendly song. This could be a crossover for them, wouldn't be too much of a surprise. But what is a surprise is the band openly embracing more rock oriented styles, and opting to use unclean vocals as an accent, rather than have them be the main show. Still, you have to give credit where credit is due. And The Word Alive deserve a pat on the back for this one. 

Rating - 7.5 to 8/10