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March 25, 2016

Saosin - "The Silver String" Single Review

Took 7 years, but Saosin have returned with new music! Their 3rd studio album, "Along the Shadow" is set for a May 2016 release date. While you wait for the full length release, you can check out the lead single, "The Silver String". Click this (link) to pre-order their album on iTunes. And be sure to them on the Rockstar Energy "Taste of Chaos" tour this summer with Dashboard Confessional, Taking Back Sunday, and The Early November

This a complete throwback to the classic post-hardcore, emo of the early to mid 00s. Saosin haven't released any material since their 2009 album "In Search of Solid Ground". So this follow up (also the band's 3rd album), serves as their comeback, and is long overdue. In the years since their sophomore record, the band have parted ways with vocalist Cove Reber, and lead guitarist Justin Shekoski. 

Reuniting Anthony Green with the band was a stroke of genius. Of all the vocalists they could have chosen from, they went back to the beginning. The band's debut EP has become the blueprint for modern post hardcore and emo bands. Going back to the beginning, and essentially picking up where the guys left off almost 13 years ago, we're in for a treat. 

Now while there are some pretty obvious similarities in this "new" Saosin to Circa Survive (the band which Green started after leaving Saosin way back when), the two bands are still their own entities. Where Circa Survive are primarily known for their unique blend of indie, alt. rock, and post hardcore, Saosin have always leaned more towards the heavier side of the "core" world. 

"The Silver String" manages to find the perfect balance between both styles. The band balance the melodic styles Green employs in Circa Survive, and Saosin's dynamic sound. The first line out of the gate is "Who holds the silver string?". The whiny guitar in the beginning, leading into Alex Rodriguez's passionate drumming and then Green's vocals is the perfect way to reintroduce Saosin to the masses. 

His voice has never sounded better, and he adds something to Saosin that Reber never managed to do in his 6 years with the band. The song isn't just a catchy listen, it has depth and soul. Qualities that many post hardcore outfits don't have in their music. The atmospheric, almost etherial feels are awesome.  

The chorus is what will really get you. The harmony between Green's vocals, and the "half-screams" is unparalleled, except maybe in Hands Like Houses. His vocals, and the song's chorus, carry most of the weight. The entire chorus goes as follows, 

"Alternate the day (and let go)
Scream the last charade and let it be (and safeguard)
The fragment that anchors it all (into the wall)
Separate the wave (let it go)
Drown inside the shade and let it go (and safeguard)
The vision that anchors it all (into the wall)

Summary -
The perfect blend of the old and the new, this is post hardcore done right. Let's take a moment to remind everyone, this is what gave birth to the current era of Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, and Escape the Fate brand hardcore. Without Saosin, the genre would be vastly different. Do yourself a favor, go buy this single. Hell, just preorder the whole freaking album. 7 years of patient waiting is about to pay off. So, do you think we get that new Tool album now?" 

Rating - 8.5 to 9/10